About the MRT

The Municipal Retirement Trust (MRT) specializes only in full-service municipal pension planning. Our programs offer superior customer service, affordable fee structures, and proven investment performance over time.

The MRT was established by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs in the early 1970’s to provide a means for member boroughs, regardless of pension asset size, to gain access to a range of pension services through one centralized source.

In addition to boroughs, these services are now available to other municipal government entities such as townships, cities, authorities, and councils of governments.

The MRT offers:

  • Access to first-class investments;
  • A full menu of contemporary advisory and administrative services;
  • Competent actuarial services; and
  • An affordable fee structure.

The MRT offers its clients an all-inclusive pension platform via a team of highly competent companies that provide all necessary pension services under one centralized source.

Investment services are provided by Morgan-Stanley Greystone of Wyomissing;

administrative services are provided by Thomas J. Anderson and Associates of West Chester; and actuarial services are provided by Beyer Barber Company of Allentown.

Today, The MRT provides municipal pension planning services to 168 municipal entities comprising 218 pension plans and nearly $270 million in assets under Trust management.

The MRT is a multi-employer Trust that allows individual municipalities or municipal government entities such as municipal authorities, to invest collectively and gain significant savings on overall pension costs due to the size of the overall trust.

MRT clients can invest in a Balanced Fund which offers a moderate blend of domestic stocks, foreign stocks, real estate, and high-quality bonds. There is also a Fixed Fund that is very conservative and only invests is fixed investment instruments such as high-quality bonds.

As part of the complete package of pension services, MRT clients also benefit from an inclusive menu of administrative and actuarial services generally required to adequately meet their pension administrative needs. These services are provided at a reduced cost through participation in the Trust.

Questions? We can help.

To find out more about the Municipal Retirement Trust and how it may benefit your specific pension needs, go to the “Contact Us” page and request more information.

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